Urban Stack - Chattanooga, TN

Ok. Now that they hype has calmed down, let me just say, I still love Urban Stack. I know this sounds odd coming from a woman that does not eat cow. Don't let that limit you. This place has turkey burgers and chicken to add to it's CAB and Kobe burgers (If the cow was raised in the US of Japanese decent, does that make it Kobe-American? I want to be politically correct to the cow). And for those of you that are gluten-intolerant, they offer the lettuce wrap. Let me warn you though, they use bibb lettuce, which is small and gets messy when trying to eat with your hands. I suggest cutting the burger into pieces and making lettuce wraps slider-style.

Actually, if you aren't into sloppy burgers, get your sauces on the side. The kitchen runs heavy handed in this department. See the above turkey burger. Here's a naked Italian to show you the difference. 

Anyway.... I digress. More things to love are Urban Stack's pickles. Yes, they are better than my mom's and that's saying a lot!!! Their potato skins rock. They saved me in between tornadoes when Urban Stack still had power. And my bestie is in love with their hot pimento cheese and homemade potato chips. Yumola!  

On the adult beverage side, even though it isn't gluten free, please bring on the bourbon! Manly? Yes they do have jumbo cubes to keep your shots from getting watered down so I guess that feels a bit manly. Since I'm a girl, I particularly love the Orange Crush with St. Germain and the High Tea. On Tuesdays, a carafe of High Tea is a deal at $7.50. Drinks and burgers add up at this place, so you have to look for the deals. 

And that brings me to my one and only negative, well this and that the fries are a little droopy. For a burger and beer, Urban Stack can be a little expensive. The fact that it is so danged good and inventive makes up for it. Honestly, I could stay home and make a burger this good. But why?  I love the food and the vibe. My neighbors love it too. When I bring people from out of town, they love it. So go love it already, ok?

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