Melting Pot - Chattanooga, TN

I don't like the Melting Pot. Chattanooga isn't the only one. I don't like any of them.

It isn't because of the food. Or the drinks. Or the service. Or the decor. In fact, for all these reasons I find myself periodically drawn back to this national chain restaurant. I mean really, I love cheese more than most of Wisconsin. The wine list is fairly complete. This place is great even for a romantic dinner or a group of friends. So why then do I not care for this place?

It's because of the prices. 

Somehow, I just don't see the value for price to be high enough to frequent the Melting Pot often. Appetizers for two (the luscious cheese fondue shown) are $16. Dessert for two is about the same. And entrees are in the $24 - $26 range. That means dinner for 2 is $84 without tax, tip, or a cocktail. And yes, you cook your own food. I suppose that the Melting Pot has to buy higher priced ingredients to keep you from killing yourself should you under cook. And I suppose that their "Big Night Out" promotions help somewhat. But to me, the promotions make me feel like I am "playing" at fine dining and have me reminiscing back to prom.  "Hello date. Why did you buy this terrible corsage for me? I just lost it in the Court Bouillon" or something like that comes to mind.

To me, in this economy, for a chain, $84+ is steep. I could go to any of the nice, locally owned restaurants down town for that. And so I do. 

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  • 11/16/2010 2:28 PM Michelle wrote:
    I just wanted to correct you on one point. The Melting Pot Restaurants are a franchise. In fact, The Melting Pot Chattanooga is locally owned and operated. Thanks for supporting your local merchants!
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    1. 11/16/2010 4:17 PM Lindsey Ann Waldrep wrote:
      Thanks so much for the clarification. I love supporting local business and it makes me happy to know my cheese addiction can be satisfied without guilt. Bring on the fondue!

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