Taco Mamacita - Chattanooga, TN

I have to be honest. The first time I went to Taco Mamacita, I didn't like it. I sat at the bar inside, by myself, and watched Chattanooga's urban hipsters knosh on their foo-foo Mexican fare. I didn't like it not so much for the food, but because I felt out of place. It's the North Shore after all, and sometimes, I'm just not all that. Still, I had a craving for foo-foo tacos the other day, and I didn't want to drive all the way to Taqueria del Sol in Atlanta. And so begins Taco Mamacita, take 2.

On this journey, I chose to sit on the patio. Yes, all the hipsters were there, but the vibe was way more relaxed. I started off the evening with a carafe of Passion Fruit Sangria. Let me just say, this is the perfect summer drink. It isn't too sweet or too sour. It gets better as the ice melts. And it is oh so good. You can't go wrong with this drink, unless you are the table next to me, who were hung up on Dirty Sanchez shots and PBRs. To each their own. I'm going to stick with the sangria, especially on a Sunday when it is the drink special. 

Taco Mamacita serves up an eclectic mix of tacos. They are served up in flour tortillas, but you can ask for corn if you are gluten-free like me. The issue here is that they double up the shells to make them big, and it gets messy fast. If anyone from the restaurant ever reads this, when someone asks for corn tortillas, serve 4 small instead of two big ones. We will thank you for it. Also, for those of you who are vegan, they have options. Yeah!!! I love it when a restaurant acknowledges multiple eating habits!

On this trip, not being vegan, I had a carnitas taco (good but standard) and a jerk chicken taco. This chicken taco really stood out. I loved the spiciness of the seasoning mixed with sweet mango salsa. Plus it went oh so well with the sangria! As a side I chose the corn and black bean salad. I seriously could eat this by itself it was so tasty. What great food!  Here's the link to their menu so you can pick your taco flavors. And instead of feeling tragically unhip, I enjoyed eaves dropping on the conversations around me. The waiters and waitresses seemed to really be having a good time at their jobs and with their customers, which is something I love to see. 

So... I have to give Taco Mamacita two thumbs up. Or I would if I didn't have my hands full of messy tacos. If that's my only complaint, I will for sure be back and make sure to ask for extra napkins when I order

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