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Every year my family and I vacation in Folly Beach, just south of Charleston. One year, my mom had an amazing dinner at the cutest restaurant downtown. Later that night, the chef was in a car wreck and died. Tragic. We have been waiting for a restaurant worthy of his legacy to come back to town.

Lazo's aint it. 

First, we were seated at an ungodly hot table. When we asked to move, we were informed, "yeah, we've been having problems with the air here". We added a seat to the end of a four-top and thought it fine. Still, it was odd that they sat another group at the same scorcher of a table. Of course they asked to move. I understand a restaurant needs to fill tables but not if there is an obvious, known problem with one. That's just not hospitable. 

The food isn't terrible. It just isn't great. For the island, it's one of the few alternatives to a shrimp shack and bar, but I could do as well at the one-sauce-pan rental house kitchen where we are staying for less money. For example, their cold crab dip is quite tasty... until you get a great big blob of cream cheese that hasn't been mixed in well enough. The beef tips were rumored to be really good though.  

For entrees, the apple salad was raved over. My second cousin's fish sandwich had well cooked fish and a yummy orange sauce but the bread was really hard he said. 

My tuna was standard issue... not great tasting but well cooked. The kicker was that it came with mango chutney. I expect at the price to have fresh made mango chutney, or even stock chutney "doctored up" with some fresh mango. What it was topped with was a huge blob of Major Grey's that was more apple than mango. I know because I buy the stuff to glaze chicken. I expect better preparation or a better description. If you are topping tuna with Major Grey's, own it. 

I don't know if Lazo's will make it through the season. It was pretty dead at 7 pm on a Thursday night in June. Everywhere else was packed. If it does, it needs to either reduce prices and claim to be an upscale bar or pay more attention to detail on their food to be a better, more up-scale restaurant. Just a simple adjustment could help ramp up their business. 

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