The Boathouse - Chattanooga, TN

I love the Boathouse. In an review  I talked about how I really love to sit outside and watch thin, healthy people run by as I eat pork nachos or the stuffed poblano. And the view, one of the best in Chattanooga, especially at sunset. Gorgeous, no?


If you've never been, the theme of the Boathouse is food from around the Gulf of Mexico (just like it says on the logo... forgot I posted the picture!). They serve up Texas brisket, voodoo chicken (which I love), Mexican and Cuban inspired dishes, and amazing oysters and shrimp. The last time I went, they were really busy, and my poblano wasn't as good as usual. Hummm. So tonight, I went back for a different dish to see if their whole mojo is off or if my pepper hung out in the window too long. After 4 years of regular visitation, I didn't want to through out the baby with the bath water!

On the menu for tonight are boiled shrimp and wood fired green beans. I love these green beans... coated in olive oil and salt and then roasted for a smokey taste, they make great finger food. Think of them as an alternative to french fries! As for the shrimp, I love that they aren't overly seasoned with Old Bay. Normally I'm a cocktail sauce girl, but I like the tarter and remoulade that the Boathouse offers. Yum! And really, what is there to say about the fantastic cobra-style iced up beer taps. The Boathouse serves up the coldest Sierra Nevada on draft. It is so refreshing on a muggy summer evening! We also had the roasted oysters (it's a month sans R but Boathouse does serve up raw oysters year round). They were quite tasty but I would have loved a touch, just a touch, more garlic. 

So tonight was about light and healthy and I loved it. Next time at the Boathouse, I will check back in with my tasty friend the poblano. Hopefully, it will be back to being top drawer awesome. 

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