Being Vegan at Sluggo's - Chattanooga, TN

I have to admit, I've been bad. I went through a spell where I was eating anything and everything I wanted. After a few weeks of this insane behavior, I felt crappy. Seriously bad. So I decided to be a vegan for a week or so to detox. 

Enter Sluggo's, North Chatt's vegan café. A friend had told me Sluggo's was great. A review I saw said not so much. I thought in my cleansing phase I should give it a try. I mean really, it's all veggies, right?

Before I tell you my thoughts on the food, I want to let you know a few key facts. Sluggo's serves beer, and will let you BYOB. The cork fee is $5. They have nice glasses so I felt good with this!  For entertainment, they have a huge stack of board games to play. Very family friendly, even if you are having a nice pinot noir. Some items are gluten-free, others they can adapt and are willing to do so. The staff has a laid-back, artsy, hippy vibe and are efficient, giving good service. 

Now, for the food. After two trips, I have come to a decision regarding vegan food. Food that pretends to be something it isn't, like vegan "cheese" or tofu wrapped in nori , breaded in cornmeal and fried to be like fried fish is not my favorite. Not being a true vegan, it made me want the real thing. Bad. Vegan food that is veggies and tofu prepared creatively, like vegetarian korma or a Thai tofu bowl are really wonderful. 

So even if you aren't a vegan, try Sluggo's on a day when you need your veggies. After all, you're supposed to get 5 servings a day! And if you are vegan, you will probably really like it.  
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